Feature a Teacher Award

WAKG and Office Plus Business Center have announced the winner of their "Feature a Teacher" Award. Our very own, Rebecca Harbodin a Special Education teacher at Schoolfield Elementary. We are so proud of her, she is an inspiration to all and a wonderful teacher and colleague. She was nominated by a parent, Melissa Davis.

"You made such a big impact in my daughter's life that you deserve to be recognized! You fight for your kids to be included, you give them strength to let them know they can do it and you included her sister when she was having problems too. My daughter would wake up every day and couldn't wait to get to school because of you and would come home telling me all about her day and what she had learned that day. It takes someone very special to do what you do every day for special needs children and the school and students are blessed beyond measure to have you. I'm so glad you won and this is just a small way I can give back back to you for so many of the big things you did for her and every student!! Congratulations"