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Rebecca Harbodin | Self-Contained
Katherine Scruggs | Self-Contained
Lynette Thomas | Self-Contained

Christina Stone | Inclusion
Rachelle Stringer | Inclusion

Ruth Brown | Title I Reading Specialist
Robin Shelton | Title I Reading Specialist
Sharonda Thompson | Title I Reading Specialist

LaShawn Elam | Reading  Intervention
Tina Hoard | Reading  Intervention
Stephanie Richardson  | Reading  Intervention

We strive to educate identified students with special needs. Our special needs students need understanding, firm but caring discipline, varied teaching approaches, successes, and love.

Tips from Ms. Stone and Ms. Stringer


Students may be experiencing difficulty with reading because of several reasons. They may have a specific skill deficiency. These skills deficiencies may be in the areas of oral reading fluency, phonics, reading comprehension, or study skills. They may lack a desire to read. A child can only obtain skills by reading. Plan opportunities for your child to read as often as possible. Cook together and have your child read you the recipe. Read the boxes of favorite foods together. Read signs, books, magazines, anything you can find.

Tips for Speech!  Let's Talk Today !

Techniques you can use:

  • Talk to yourself
  • Describe actions
  • Listen
  • Name and describe objects
  • Provide good speech examples
  • Read
  • Talk naturally
  • Make talking fun
  • Expand
  • Ask questions

Title I News
Parents and students are urged to take advantage of all the activities available at the Parent Resource Center. (799-8829)