Third Grade


Meet our Third Grade Team!


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The third grade curriculum is based on the required Virginia Standards of Learning. Each month we focus on a theme that correlates social studies and science objectives. During that month we read novels that incorporate standards in language arts and frequently also relate to our monthly theme.

Each teacher sets a goal of a certain number of points in Accelerated Reader to be acquired during the month (or nine weeks). We celebrate at the end of the month when these goals are met!

How can you help to make this a great year for your child???

  • Call out spelling words each night
  • Listen to your child read orally for 15 minutes each night
  • Make sure that your child reads silently each night
  • Check homework, circle mistakes and help your child correct them
  • Call out multiplication facts whenever!!!! (In the car, waiting in checkout lines, sitting on the porch, while in the tub!) Be Creative!

Our planning time is 1:15 - 2:00. When you have a question or concern, this is a great time to come for a conference or call since the children are in an activity. Our lunch time is right after this, so you could stay and have lunch with your child, if possible.

Parent/teacher conferences are available any day during the teacher’s planning period.
Please call 799-6544 to make an appointment.

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Third Grade Standards of Learning
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